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Less Risk. Better Outcomes.

Get real-time insights into your production with a Digital Twin of your farm. 
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"An all-in-one platform to make sure you never get relevant information too late."

by Miguel Theriaga, CEO of NaturaFish

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Data Collection

We integrate data from your other IT systems (SCADA, databases, excel, third-party APIs) and put it all in one place.

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Custom Dashboards

We create a Digital Twin tailored to your farms' practices and challenges

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Early Warnings

Data processing and predictive capabilities for optimal decision-making

BlueEdge Features

Our system works best with RAS and Flow-through facilities that are looking to scale up production safely. We aim to detect anomalies before they affect fish health and appetite. Forget having to go through multiple systems to get an overview. Get early notice if an issue needs your attention.

Maintaining Homeostasis

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Equipment Usage Overview

Our platform will connect to your SCADA system and will show you real-time information on your operations. If a pond equipment usage varies significantly, or if it's too much for your current biomass, we will give you a heads up. 

Cost Analysis

Use this feature to estimate your production costs accurately. We will help you keep track of your biomass, batches, transfers, purchases and show you how your cost per kilo is progressing, sending you custom alerts if target metrics are not being met.  

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Taylored App for fieldworkers

Your fieldworkers will have access to an app with custom dashboards based on their role, to send you real-time information on what's happening in the field. Sampling, Feeding, Appetite, and more.

We scale to your needs

Easily scale the system to help you manage multiple locations. Get access from any device. We also believe your data should belong to you, so our system comes with an easy to use API for you to get and share your data whenever you need.

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Solar-Powered Sensors

Sensaway also has it's own line of solar-powered sensing solutions. A cost competitive approach for farms that are still missing some data. Dissolved Oxygen, water level, pH, conductivity and more.

Past Projects


Natura Fish is a 19-ha property in the Alvor estuary, in the Algarve southern province of Portugal. It has the capacity to produce 500 tons of seabass and seabream annually in natural salt-water ponds, which are part of the estuary ecosystem, benefiting from the water renovation occurring with each tidal exchange.

They are using Sensaway's platform and sensors to closely oversee their entire operation.

Natura Fish

Past Projects
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