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Our products & Services

Scroll down and checkout the different types of products and services we offer. We know that each client has specific requirements for their operations so we are always ready to adapt our solutions to your needs!

For orders, inquiries and quotes please contact us at

Blue Edge Platform


Blue Edge is Sensaway's monitoring and control platform that was developed directly with the end-users, assuring its relevance to the requirements of fish farming.

The platform can be used for monitoring sensor data, to determine the current state of the operations and to analyze/compare historical data, and can be used to actually control different equipment that is essential for daily operations such as aerators, feeders and pumps.

Easily search through every equipment that can be controlled or monitored.

Select multiple devices at once (e.g. feeders, aerators, pumps and valves) and choose what you want them to do!


Remotely turn them on/off, define rules for when they should go online based on sensor readings or define daily time schedules  for your feeders, all with just a few clicks!

Get immediate feedback on what is happening and custom emails for important events.

Monitor Your Water Quality


Our sensor product line is based on Sensaway's H20Cast module.

This small (50x50mm), in-house developed, device can connect to different types of sensing probes and wirelessly transmit data to a desired destination (e.g. PLC or Database).

H20Cast is configurable through the Sensaway Android App. With this tool it is possible to remotely configure the network properties and calibrate the sensors that are connected.

Sensaway has successfully supplied H20Cast to measure DO, pH, temperature, conductivity and ORP all in real time!

H20Cast is not probe brand specific, being able to connect to whatever brand you prefer.


Device Specifications: 2 Digital I/0 | 2 Analog I/0 | Rx and Tx for serial comms | 12V - 24V power supply | Wi-Fi connectivity | Modbus TCP | App configurable

Compatible Sensors: Sonar | Dissolved Oxygen | NTC | Pt100 | pH | ORP | Conductivity | Additional sensors upon request

Starting price: 300€ /unit

OxyCast and LevelCast combine the H20Cast device with a Dissolved Oxygen probe and a sonar distance sensor respectively and with a complete solar power supply kit that includes a battery, charge/discharge controller and a solar panel. IP66 enclosures are included to protect the sensitive electronics from the exterior weather conditions.

This solution can be adapted to use different types of sensors to get real-time readings of parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature!


System includes: H20Cast | DO probe & integrated NTC temperature sensor | 15W solar panel | Solar charge controller | 8Ah battery | IP66 enclosure | IP67 cable glands for sensors and solar panel

Starting price: 800€/unit


System includes: H20Cast | Sonar level sensor with mm precision | 15W solar panel | Solar charge controller | 8Ah battery | IP66 enclosure | IP67 cable glands for sensors and solar panel



Starting price: 590€/unit

Wireless Communications Architecture Design

Comms Design

Having a wireless network is essential to enable communication between the different sensing nodes and controllers of your fish farm.

Among some of the benefits of using wireless communications are: less electrical cables that would otherwise be necessary to connect all the different nodes of the network; flexibility on where the sensors are positioned; and the scaling up with ease of the network as your production increases and you expand your operations.

Sensaway has experience in designing wireless communications architectures that are adequate for our clients specific needs.

Tech Consultancy

Technology and Data Processing Consultancy


Sensaway started with 2 Aerospace Engineers that were trying to solve technological problems in the Aquaculture industry and our products are a direct result of the different solutions we developed for our clients.


We are always interested in solving new problems through the implementation of existing technology or through the development of new tools and products to optimize your business.


We offer our expertise as a service so feel free to contact us at so we can keep moving the industry forward! 

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