Leveraging Technology For Optimal Growth

Working towards a Safe and Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

Our vision 

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and will play a major role in feeding the estimated 9 billion world population by 2050.

With this in mind, Sensaway aims to optimize and automate fish farming processes to guarantee a sustainable fish protein production with the most positive ecological footprint possible.

To achieve these goals, the following elements are necessary:

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Sensor Network to determine fish farm current conditions

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Intuitive user interfaces for monitoring, control and analysis

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Data processing and predictive capabilities for optimal decision-making

Our products & Services


Blue Edge - Our customizable dashboards can be designed for your specific needs to monitor and control your operations. They can be integrated with your existing system!


H2OCast - We provide solar powered modules that can wirelessly relay sensing data to a remote Database or PLC.


To guarantee communications between sensors, databases and controllers, we can help design and implement wireless networks for your facilities.


We provide technological consultancy to find the best solutions to optimize or automate your farm.

Our Clients

We have been to Zambia where we visited one of the biggest Tilapia fish farms in Africa.

We've also been working with some of the biggest and fastest growing fish farms based in Portugal.

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We went to Zambia to visit Yalelo, one of the biggest Tilapia fish farms in Africa, to help setup our technology and understand the needs of an operation of these dimensions.

Yalelo is currently using Sensaway's Oxycast product to measure Dissolved Oxygen levels in cages and ponds. This information is vital to optimize fish feeding and for aeration control.


Aqualvor is the biggest producer of Seabass and Seabream in Portugal.


They are currently developing a cutting edge semi-closed nursery to optimize their production. They have chosen Sensaway to develop the sensor, monitoring and automation system to control the water quality in the tanks.

Additionally they are using our solutions to measure DO, pH, ORP, Conductivity and temperature in real-time.

Viveiros da Espargueira

Viveiros da Espargueira is a new Seabass and Seabream fish farm situated in ria de Alvor, Portugal.

They are currently starting their production and are using Sensaway's Oxycast and LevelCast products to automate the aeration control of the ponds and to automate the water pump control system to maximize water renovation in the ponds and optimize fish growth.

About us

We started with a team of two Aerospace Enginners looking to help innovate and optimize day-to-day businesses with technology.


When consulting for the Aquaculture industry, we quickly found that important data was missing and that sensor readings lacked quality. It also became clear that the current technology being used couldn't withstand the harsh environment and electrical power conditions found at fish farms.

This inspired us to roll up our sleeves and start Sensaway!

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Afonso Ferreira

Co-Founder and CEO

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Aerospace Engineer specialized in Control Systems and AI algorithms


André Abreu

Co-Founder and COO

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Aerospace Engineer specialized in Spacecraft Design and Smart Materials


Diogo Rosado

Software Developer

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Computer Science Engineer